Slag Mag

Slag (n): stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore.

SLAG MAG is OFAR’s quarterly publication that features the work of visiting artist’s & submissions. Each issue has its own theme and is collaboratively designed and edited. It is available in both digital and print versions. 

Fall 2013 Issue 1: Pivot
Winter 2013 Issue: The Return
Spring 2014 Issue 3:  SoQueer (Southern Queer)
Summer 2014 Issue 4: Tomato
Fall 2014: DOA  

Current Submissions:

Issue 4: Tomato

Edited by Jon Henry

The fourth issue of SLAG Mag is themed around the Tomato; this issue will be entangled with Jon Henry’s ongoing Tomato Stand project. This is a call for art that connects in (some way) to the tomato: material, imagery, taste, feel, symbol, location, memory, politics, etc.

Creative interpretations are welcomed & encouraged.

Artists can submit up to 3 images with titles & dimensions.

Submission Standards:

300 dpi & 10 to 14 inches wide preferred Name_Title.jpeg

Text is welcomed but asked to be under 1 page

Deadline: Aug 15  Deadline Extended til Aug 30

Please send submissions & questions:

SLAG MAG is Old Furnace Artist Residency’s quarterly publication. Each issue has its own theme and is collaboratively designed and edited in both digital and print versions.

O.F.A.R.  is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and provides a creative & respite site to for creative & social justice folks.

We welcome and creative interpretation of this prompt.

Submission Standards:  

300 dpi & 10 to 14 inches wide preferred; Name_Title.jpeg 
Text is also welcomed but asked to be kept under 2 pages in length

Please send submissions to:
slagMagOFAR at gmail dot com 

Submissions can be short prose, critical essays, poetry, artwork, and other original content. We welcome suggestions from curators, writers, and editors for special editions of the mag. If interested in collaborating on an issue, then please drop me a line.